Just like the first page of a brand new note book, this is the first sentence on my new blog and new website.


Or ‘Hello’ is what I should say! And ‘Thank you’ for finding my website. This is the start of an exciting journey for me, good to have you on board.

I’m going to start this post with a confession: whenever I start a new notebook, I always have a little fear about the first thing that I write. There’s something so special about the crisp white perfection of the first page of a new notebook that I’m always rather hesitant to make the first mark. So much so that I actually choose to skip the first page and start taking notes on the second page. ‘page fright’ I call it!

So imagine how it feels to have your cursor hovering over a blank white screen on your very own website which has your own name as the website address! Thankfully I feel very at home in a digital world and I have lots of plans for this blog over the next few months: I’m looking forward to being able to explain some of the jargon and technical terms that are used in the digital marketing industry. Things like ‘DA’ (Domain Authority) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Things that my clients and colleagues ask me about all of the time as they try to get a grasp on things without being swamped by conflicting expert opinions on a Google search. More on that later, but to get me past the ‘page fright’ of the very first words I write, I thought it would make sense to start with a little introduction and explanation of how I got here.

Becoming a Digital Marketing Consultant

So how am I here? Although I’ve been blogging for several years over on my local lifestyle blog ‘Maidenhead Mum’, in 2017 I decided to leave my corporate day job as a Digital Content Manager, and I’m now a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in Maidenhead.

I have a business name and a website… but how do I explain to people what I actually do? Am I a photographer? A blogger? A copywriter? A Social Media consultant? An SEO geek?! How will my mum explain my ‘day job’ to her friends when they ask? So I settled on the term ‘Digital Marketing Consultant’ as a title that encompasses all of these things, even if people only want to work with me in one or two of those areas. It’s a fairly fancy title, and it was a tricky one to figure out, especially as I’ve chosen not to hide behind a funky or fancy brand name, this is just me.

It’s not my name in lights, but it is my name as a URL.  Using ‘JodieHumphries.co.uk’ instead of a brand name feels future proof because whatever new digital or social media trend happens, it will still be me leading the charge and learning the new skills to share with my clients.

When you’re not sure what help you need.

The funny thing is that I’m not sure any small business owner will ever sit there and think ‘what I need is a Digital Marketing Consultant’. I don’t think they’ll type that into Google. But I’m pretty sure they will find that they need someone to help upload new things to their website because they can’t remember how their web developer told them to do it. Or they’ll realise that their Linked In header doesn’t match their Facebook page header, but they’re not sure how to go about changing one… or the other… or both. In fact, they’re not really sure if they should be on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram or even Snapchat. (I’m whispering the last one as for us ‘non-millenial’ folk, Snapchat seems like distinctly foreign social media territory.)

And how do I know that people struggle with these things?

Because over the last few years of networking with small (and medium-sized) business owners in and around Maidenhead, these are the things that people have mentioned to me. Along with ‘ooh, can you teach me how to blog’ and ‘howcome your smartphone photos always look so much better than mine!’.

There are lots of digital, creative and social media things that people need help with, and these are all things that I love doing. So here I am, your ‘dial a digital friend’. I’m the person you can have a cup of tea with and you can chat about all of those little niggly interweb things, or you can chat about the bigger picture of how your website, social media and blogging should be working together as part of a proper content marketing strategy. Or you can even ask me what a content marketing strategy is and how much you should be paying someone if you can’t handle doing it all yourself. No question is too silly to ask, and you’ll get honest responses, explained to you without technical jargon.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. You might like to sign up to my monthly newsletter in which I’ll be sharing some digital marketing tips and insight. Or you could follow me on Twitter or find me on Linked In. And if both of those social media platforms terrify you, then drop me an email or give me a call, it’s probably about time that we talked.

Jodie Humphries Digital Marketing Specialist Maidenhead