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Time to get digital

So you’ve had an idea for a business. You’ve registered your domain name, built a basic website and set up a Facebook page but you’re becoming aware of the million other things you should be doing to improve your digital presence online.

To get customers flocking to your door, you need to juggle all sorts of marketing techniques from email newsletters to branded content for multiple social media platforms. How on earth can you find enough time to do all of this…at the same time as doing whatever it is that earns you a living?

You’ve probably been inundated by ‘helpful’ advice from friends and peers:

  • “You should start a Blog!” 
  • “You need to be on Instagram!” 
  • “No business should be without an email newsletter in 2018!” 
  • “Twitter is essential for Small Businesses!”

 But actually, these helpful suggestions soon start to become a little overwhelming. Where on earth do you start?

That’s where I can help.

 Choose how to work with me.

Offload your digital workload

If you’re feeling swamped by all of the Digital Marketing things you ‘should’ be doing and would much rather be spending your time doing the things that earn you a living, then why not hire me to help. I’ve helped clients with all sorts of digital tasks: new branded headers for social media, easier to read copy on their website and photos from an event are examples of a few. Whether its for a few hours or a couple of days a month, tell me what you’re stuck on and I’ll whoosh in wearing my Digital Marketing Super Hero Cape to take things off your hands.

Master your own Digital Destiny

If you’re not quite at the stage where you can afford to outsource things, then you can become master of your Digital Destiny by doing some bespoke training with me. I offer one to one sessions and group workshops on blogging, photography, smartphone photography, Twitter, Instagram and general social media marketing. And if you’re not quite sure where to start, then a strategy session with me might be just what you need to figure out what you should be saying and on which platforms.

Why work with me?

Combined Expertise

My experience covers retail marketing, social media marketing and digital content marketing. I don’t work in isolation: instead, I can advise you on how your social media, digital and content marketing fit together into a proper marketing strategy instead of you having to find lots of separate experts or juggle different agencies.

Jargon free advice

I love all things digital and spend lots of time geeking out reading about the latest trends and attending blogging events, workshops and industry conferences so I’m up to date with the latest trends to share with my clients. I genuinely love all things digital and social and I’m happy to share my knowledge in a jargon free way.

Photography with benefits

maybe you’ve got a big launch event coming up, or a new product that you need some Instagram photos for. Finding the right photographer can be a daunting task. I offer more than just great photos: with each image I take, I’m already thinking about your content strategy and how the images will work in your email newsletters and social media posts.


They say every picture tells a story. When I shoot photos for your business or your event, I’m already thinking of what content it will be perfect for. My images have been used on websites, email newsletters, blogs, social media, pull up banners… the possibilities are endless.

I can shoot at an event, or take photos of people, products or places.

What my clients say

My clients like to work with me in different ways. Some like me to take photos and create content for them, others like me to talk them through what needs to be done so they can learn for themselves and be self-sufficient.

“A huge thank you Jodie, for your approach to our event photography last week.

The venue was meant to be different, which it was, but that meant that the lighting was really bad.

I’ve no idea how you got the lighting so lovely in your shots, they’ve come out way better than the real thing!

I also love the way you have captured our banners and branding beautifully too.

These shots will be perfect on our website and blogs.

Amanda Downs | Head of Commercial Leadership, Uspire

“I requested for Jodie to give me training on Instagram, a Social Media platform which I hadn’t used before. She went through this platform from the beginning to adding an account and most importantly how the branding works connecting to a large or small businesses.  Jodie’s training is excellent she is concise, passionate and enthusiastic in her training which makes you feel full of enthusiasm yourself when using this platform. I would recommend her highly to any business from consumer to business to business.

Bettina Siddiqi| Owner, Busy-B Solutions

“Jodie has worked with me on many different projects from creating website copy, to blog posts, to photography for regular events.  I love her approachable manner and the fact she creates content which my audience can really relate to.  Many businesses struggle to grab people’s attention but Jodie does a fantastic job of catching your eye with any content she creates.  Jodie always comes up with a different and creative approach to anything she is asked to do.  I love working with her.  She is truly the content queen!”

Amanda Ayres| CEO, The Business Girls Network

“Working with Jodie has changed my social media output from something that looked like it was done at home to a professional offering which I am immensely proud of.

Jodie has mentored me and given me the tools to be the social media queen of my own business. She has taught me how to take brilliant photos and edit them with my iPhone and how to use Canva to create my very own graphics for both my website and my social media accounts. I’ve learned the importance of engagement and using her tips to increase engagement, the reach of my posts has gone through the roof (I haven’t even had to spend a penny on Facebook ads).

Thank you Jodie.”

Rebecca De Jager| Owner, Hugos Workshop

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